Best Ping Pong Tables Of 2020 A Buyer’s Guide

Best Ping Pong Tables Of 2020 A Buyer’s Guide

If you are wondering as to which ones are the best ping pong tables of 2020 , this review will help you find one. Find out the qualities of the best table tennis tables and pick one that suits you.

I think you’ll agree:

More common and some sort of a norm the ping pong table has become at homes and offices, more difficult it is to decide among so many of them. Skip Amazon, if you go to Walmart, you will find out the bitter reality, because sports section will have more than a few tables to offer you.

From size, to style, to color to material, there are simply so many choices to make and one easily gets distracted. This is where this beginners’ and buyers’ guide of best ping pong tables of 2020 comes to rescue.

In this guide:
Not only you are going to find out top ping pong tables, but I’ll show you what to look for while buying a good ping pong table for home or office.

In a Rush Here is #1 Ping Pong Table

  • High quality, tournament level table
  • Best looking table on the market
  • Dismantles in Seconds

         Top Features

  • 22mm Medium Density Fiberboard table top means no dead spots
  • 500 Pounds
  • 7/8″ or 22mm Table Thickness


Let us now take a look at the best ping pong or table tennis tables:

1. STIGA Advantage Table

What makes STIGA Advantage table too good as compared to others?

Well, it is their promise of 10 minute assembly and the confidence that over 1600 customers put in this ping pong table.

You would not see many products on Amazon with a 4.8 star rating and this sort of rating is in itself some sort of evidence that this table comes with some really nice features and durability.

The specialty of this table is its indoor ready design; whether it is at office or home, you can easily assemble the table within maximum 10 minutes, and once you get familiar with it, you may even assemble it within 5 to 7 minutes.

Let us have a look at the design, features and measurements of this one of the top Amazon ping pong tables:


In terms of design, this table comes with pretty basic things, which is actually a pro because it makes easy for you to enjoy it, assemble it and take care of it. The easy roll and transport table system makes it smooth for you to fold and move it anytime.


Here are some of the most prominent features of STIGA table tennis table:

• 95% pre-assembled design

• Easiest roll and transport system

• Easy assembly in 10 minutes max

• Easy to attach and detach net with a 72” clamp-style net and post set of tournament grade


Here take a look at the measurements of STIGA Advantage:

• Size of this product is 63 x 56 x 5 inches

• Weight of the product is 188.9lbs

• During roll and transport, the dimensions are 64” from ground to top of it, and right to left 60” and the width of pedestal is 28”

A Glance at STIGA Advantage

STIGA is a big name in the industry of ping pong tables and STIGA Advantage takes up this inheritance with pride. The table is very easy to assemble and move, and this is the best part about it.

  • Comes 95% preassembled
  • Roll and transport function makes it very easy to move the table
  • 5/8” thick table offers good quality play
  • Comes with a tournament grade net
  • Poor quality screws tend to strip
  • Built quality is not on par with international tournament standards


So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the amazing Top Rated Ping Pong Tables 2020 .

product Descriptionprice
STIGA Advantage table
4.8/5 Rating
108” x 60” x 30”
190 pounds
Yes foldable
Check Price
STIGA’s XTR outdoor
4.6/5 Rating
108” x 60” x 30”
178.6 pounds
Yes foldable
Check Price
JOOLA’s Inside Table
4.6/5 Rating
108” x 60” x 30”
189 pounds
Yes foldable
Check Price
Butterfly Centrefold 25
4.5/5 Rating
108” x 60” x 30”
280 pounds
Yes foldable
Check Price

2. STIGA XTR Table

STIGA’s XTR outdoor ping pong tables is one of the top table tennis tables that you will find over the internet. If you want to have a good table tennis table at home or office, this is the perfect choice.

Its aluminum composite top offers an all year around playability because it will never ever swell like a cheap quality wooden top table does in humid weather conditions.

From aesthetic point of view as well, this table looks perfect for indoors as well as outdoors and office as well as home. The 10 minutes assembly feature makes it a perfect fit for indoors with limited space.

Let us have a look at the design, features and measurements of this table:


In terms of design, this table is a perfect match for both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to use it for professional purposes or just as a means of recreation, this table is exactly for you. It is made of sturdy material, and especially the aluminum composite top protects the table in all weather conditions.


Here are some of the most prominent features of this ping pong table:

•Special resistance against the elements

•Aluminum composite top stands successful in the test of time and in all weather conditions

•10 minute quick play design ensures that you don’t have to wait more than 10 minutes to assemble it

•Comes 95% preassembled for your ease and convenience •Easy to fold and assemble again in case of compact indoor space


Let’s have a look at the measurements of STIGA XTR:

•63 x 57 x 4

•Once folded the floor to top is 64”, right to left is 60” and pedestal width is 23”

•Weight of this item is 180lbs

A Glance at STIGA XTR

STIGA’s XTR can be one of your top table tennis tables in 2020 , because while it is perfect for home or office, indoors as well as outdoors, it still come with high quality and sturdy material that makes it super fit to face all elements.

  • Comes 95% preassembled and takes maximum 10 minutes for assemble
  • The roll and transport function makes it super easy to move anytime
  • Aluminum composite top is made to stand the test of time
  • Rubber levelers and wheels to ensure portability with stability
  • It is a pain to line up the halves
  • Poor locking mechanism and rubber attachments


3. JOOLA Inside Table

If you are not a passionate table tennis player at professional level and you just want a ping pong table for office or

home, this table made specifically for indoors is just for you.

For those who want something like a tournament quality table tennis table at home, JOOLA’s Inside Table is the best choice because it comes with competition grade 9 x 5 feet table.

It is also one of the preassembled models so when you get it, it is very easy to set the whole thing and it only takes around 10 minutes.

Let us not forget that JOOLA ping pong table being reviewed is made by the brand that makes official US Open and US National Championships tables.

Let us have a look at its design, features and measurements:


JOOLA Inside Table comes with a no hassle quick installation set up. While the table comes 95% preassembled, it takes roughly 10 minutes to assemble it. Table comes with a tournament grade net that is easiest to attach. Each 4 wheel trolley system hosts one half and the leg height adjusters help adjust the height of each half. This table uses rubber leg levelers for better support and to keep your indoor floors scratch and stain free.


Here are the most prominent features of this ping pong table:

•Made by US Open and National Championships tables manufacturer

•Waterproof and non glare aluminum top

•Comes with tournament grade net set that is actually a simple clamp deisgn

•Comes 95% preassembled and takes less than 10 minutes to assemble

•Easy to roll and transport since each half sits on one 4 wheel trolley

•Rubber rollers protect tables, provide support and protect the floor as well

•Durable and sturdy table with a standard 0.87 inches fiberboard, multi-layered and painted top

•Comes with free accessories like 2 Kettler Halo 5.0 paddles, a Kettler outdoor protection cover and a pack of 6 3-star balls


Here are the measurements of this table: •JOOLA Inside Table weighs at 130lbs

•Dimensions are 108 x 60 x 30 inches

•When it is folded and being rolled somewhere, the dimensions are 19.29 x 60 x 67

A Glance at JOOLA Inside Table

JOOLA is a big name in the industry because of making tables for US Open and Championship etc. If you are looking for one of the best ping pong table of 2020 , this is exactly for you.

  • Waterproof design with a non-glare waterproof aluminum top
  • Sturdy and durable design with attention to detail
  • Really thick table top for a good bounce
  • Easy to fold and roll and easy to assemble within 10 minutes
  • Problems with screws – stripped or not screwed well
  • Amazon tends to send returned and faulty tables – it’s relief that purchase is covered by Amazon return warranty


4. Butterfly Centrefold 25

If you want a table tennis table for home or office or even for training purposes, and you do not want to settle for

anything lesser than a tournament grade table, you’ll be happy to know that Butterfly Centrefold 25 is approved by USTTA and International Table Tennis Federation for tournament play.

The 1 piece fold and roll design of this table makes it easy for the user to just fold it and roll it from one to another place. It comes fully assembled and it has adjustable feet with which you can adjust the height and also make sure that you have a standard playing surface even on unleveled floors.

With 25mm scratchless top, it beats most of other ping pong tables with 15mm standard thickness or lesser than that. But this is not all about this table.

Let us have a look at the design, features and the measurements of this table:


In terms of design, this table is one of the best one. It comes with a 25mm thick table top which is regulation size and which makes it one of the best table tennis tables.However, a design problem


Here are some of the best features of this table tennis table:

•Approved by USTTA and International Table Tennis Organization for tournament standard

•Comes fully assembled and with one piece fold and roll design

•5 years warranty •1 inch thick top beats all others

•Comes with a professional table tennis net

•It has adjustable feel to increase the height of top or to cope with the unleveled floor

•5 inch locking rubber wheels provide easy movement and locking when needed


Here are the measurements of Butterfly Centrefold 25:

•This product weighs at 290 pounds which make it heavier than many, but perhaps heavier is equal to sturdiness. •The dimensions of this product are pretty much standard with 64 x 54 x 16 inches

A Glance at Butterfly Centrefold 25

If you are someone who is bent on the quality of material and sturdiness when it comes to buying pin pong tables, Butterfly’s Centrefold 25 is obviously for you. It has one of the thickest top among the best table tennis tables of 2020 that I have reviewed in this blog post and that is only one good thing about this table.

  • Very thick table top for good bounce
  • Approved by International Table Tennis Federation and USTTA for tournament play
  • Comes fully assembled – play ready table
  • Sturdy and high quality material
  • A little expensive for the value it offers

5. TUSY Table Tennis Table

TUSY Table Tennis Table

TUSY is your perfect ping pong table – in case you cannot afford a proper and expensive international grade table tennis table.

While it is comparatively affordable, it makes a pretty decent contender for the industrial grade and tournament standard ping pong tables. It can be placed anywhere: in home, office or school.

The table can be folded into two halves to make it possible for you to store it anywhere or move it with ease.

The good thing about this ping pong table is that it is very good for the beginners; both: in terms of size as well as width. They claim that their table comes 98% preassembled and once it is out of the box, it is very easy to assemble. With 18 months of warranty by the manufacturers, there is really nothing to worry about.

Let us have a look at the design, features and the measurements of this table:


This table has an overall satisfactory design. It has got a big and wide body – it can be easily folded and stored. The tables halves are independent so you can use one of the halves as card table or any other type of table


Here are some of the best features of this table tennis table:

• Size bigger than normal ping pong table
• Triangular support design (underneath the table), makes the frame more stable and sturdy
• Flexible and multi-purpose design
• Easy to fold, store and move.
• Removable industry standard net


Here are the measurements:

•This product exact dimensions are 40.5” wide x 71” long x 30” tall

A Glance at TUSY Table

TUSY is decent table tennis table that you can keep at home or office. The best part of this table is a little bit extra width and length when compared to other ping pong tables. Also, it comes 90%+ pre-assembled – with proper practice and experience, one can easily assemble it within 5-8 minutes. The independent table halves can stand alone and can be used for any purpose.

  • Considerably bigger than other tables
  • Consisted of two independent halves
  • Industrial quality net
  • Quick Set up
  • Material could be better
  • No wheels

   Check Price & Availability

6. Selva

 Selva Foldable 4 Piece Table Tennis Ping Pong

In case you want something extra from your table tennis table – in case you want your table to best work for practicing alone, this is the table set to go for.

They call it a 4-piece table tennis table because it is a full shebang – you get the entire deal. You get two Olympics standard pieces that make one table, one industry grade net, 2 paddles and 2 balls.

This is not just a table – it is the best table tennis table considering easy of moving, folding and single person practicing.

The unique fold-up design of this table is although not similar to the independent halves table tennis tables, but yes it can be still stored in a small place.

Here is more about this table in a table that explains its key features and specs.


This table has a unique design. First of all, it is not a two independent halves tables, like almost all other chairs on this list. Secondly, it has the best design for single person training – and lastly, its design makes it easy to move & reassemble


Here are some of the best features of this table tennis table:

• Full accessories included
• Best for single person’s training
• Standard quality play field and aprons for support and warp protection
• Fold up design with wheels for easy moving and storage


Here are the measurements:

• This product exact dimensions are 108” L x 60” W x 30” H
• This product weighs at 138.89 lbs. approximately

A Glance at Selva table

Selva, as compared to TUSY, is a more high-end ping pong table. It is made for tournaments as well as more effective and easier one-person training. The aprons are of tournament standards and help protect the top from warping. Table does not come alone, but with all required accessories – e.g. paddles, net and balls. The best thing – it can be packed in one piece and it has wheels that make it easy for you to move it anywhere. The problem is that this table is not consisted of two independent halves.

  • 4 Piece Pack
  • Best for One-person Training
  • Wheels for free movement
  • Warp resistant
  • Both sides cannot be used as two independent tables
  • Takes more storage space

   Check Price & Availability

7. Cornilleau 500M

Cornilleau 500M table tennis table

Cornilleau is a respectable name in the niche of table tennis table manufacturing. This is a crossover table and very different and professional in its style. You do not have two independent halves, but you have one unified table that can be folded in little to no time – that too like a pro. Big and high quality wheels on this table can make it super easy for you to move it anywhere. It is also super good for one-person training.

Take a look at important details.


This table has a very different design. While it is not made of two independent halves and it works just like Selva when it comes to one-person training, it takes less time and space in folding and storing


Here are some of the best features of this table tennis table:

• Excellent bounce with 7 mm laminated surface
• Waterproof and durable
• Fast and easy to fold, store or move


Here are the measurements:

• This product exact dimensions are 107.9” L x 60” W x 29.9” H
• This product weighs at 158.7bs
• Strong steel frame with adjustable legs for wheelchair bound players
• Almost 8” big and strong wheels with sturdy locks

A Glance at Cornilleau 500M

This is the table that you need if you want a stunning mix of tournament standard table tennis table, with really well thought out flexibility and usage features. Heck this is the only table that is designed for height adjustment and people who are wheelchair bound. While it works almost exactly as Selva does, it can be packed real small, stored almost anywhere and moved with ease.

  • Warp Resistant
  • Good Bounce
  • Extremely Foldable and Adjustable
  • Perfect for One-Person Training
  • Could be a little more warp resistent

   Check Price & Availability

Our Verdict

Well, as you can see, based on all the important factors, reviews and features etc. Butterfly Centrefold 25 is the best ping pong table of 2020 in our opinion. You may research further and base your decision on some more important standards, but this is the table that I would recommend.

How to turn your dull life around? How can a tired office become more relaxing and enjoyable? How to bring some fun in the regular hectic routines?

The answer to all the questions lies in 2 words, “Ping Pong.”

How “Ping Pong” is the answer?

Sports are generally the answer, as it is a great way to keep you physically and mentally active. But rarely we see games that do not require time, commitment, large areas, and of course, passion. Ping pong solves this problem.
Ping pong is a game that can be played anytime and anywhere. It is not constricted to the weather or place. It is the game that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors likewise.
Also, ping pong is one of those sports that provide you with many unique benefits like:

  • Mental stimulation

The game is exceptionally engaging; although it seems simple, it requires a lot of focus. Your brain is the center of activity during the game. It is highly stimulated and thus on high alert throughout the game.

As the game takes place, your brain runs multiple strategies to play the game. It observes the ball’s direction and monitors the opponent’s movements. All this stimulating activity helps in keeping your mind sharp. The demanding nature of the game holds your brain at high alert and makes it more accurate in daily activities.

  • Physical stimulation

The game although it is injury-free it requires reflexes. In the game, you need to be continually moving and chasing the ball. Table tennis is a high-intensity sport helps in improving your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

  • Social interaction

Table tennis is an easy game to learn that can be played indoors and outdoors. It has simple rules that make it a great recreational sport and thus a great conversation starter.

Now comes the big question. How to achieve the benefits of this supersport?
Of course, the answer is simple, buy the equipment.

Although buying a ping pong table seems easy enough, but it is not as the requirements differ for all. If you’re a beginner or a professional one or you want to have fun with your friends, all have different needs. And what is the best-suited ping pong table for you we will discuss all?

How to start searching?


As quality triumphs all other requirements, it is best to start searching with tabletops. The easiest way to identify a good quality table is through its thickness. The thicker the tabletop, the better quality it has. The range usually lies from 12mm-25mm, 12mm table tops should be avoided. 16mm-19mm tables are of medium thickness and are good too. These tables are durable and are better to play on.

It all depends on your purpose for an amateur or an intermediate player, and a medium quality table would do, preferably 19mm. Of course, 25mm is the best quality, but also, they are costly.

It’s also necessary that you check the frame strength. Make sure that the frame is durable and does not get deformed over time.
The strength of the legs should also be tested while looking for a tennis table and keeps the surface smooth. It should also have a height of 30 inches that provides the players with the standard height.


  • Practice

Now, if you want to get some serious training done, then you are looking for some professional equipment. Now, as we have determined thickness equals quality, it is only achievable if you have a bigger budget. If you have little budget and still want, substantial-quality 19mm would do the trick in providing you with a good alternative for serious practice.

  • Leisure

If the purpose is just fun with family or an office stress reliever, a 16mm tabletop is the best investment. Although it’s not the cheapest, it will last longer and provide some quality entertainment.

Dimensions and Placement
Now comes the questions about the placement and dimensions of the table. Will the table is placed outdoors or indoors? If you want it to be permanent or folding?

According to research, until and unless you have a permanently available ample space for keeping the table it’s better to invest in a folding table. A folding table gives you the freedom to choose if you want to move it in the future or free up space. Permanent tables are better for professional clubs.

You are now looking at a standard ping pong table. Its 9 feet long and 5 feet wide or 274cm long and 152.5 cm wide. Not all have the same specifications, but this is the standard according to which you can have an estimate and decide the location.

Also, while looking for a table, make sure that the frame and the table have plenty of contacts to get the best stability of the table.

With the estimated dimensions of the table, you have to decide the number of players playing the game. How frequently the game will be performed to determine the best location and type of ping pong table you want.

  • Outdoor

Outdoor tables provide the players with more space to play, making the game more joyful. But if you want to put it in an outdoor setting, it is better to invest in a stationary table.

A fixed table could be best because it is frequently used. Or safety purposes as placing a folding or moveable table outdoors has more chances of being stolen. Stationary tables are a better investment as it reduces the chances of it being taken, whether it be on public property or private property.

Also, when considering an outdoor purchase, you must make sure that the table is weatherproof and will not get damaged with the changing weather conditions.

Outdoor tables thus are different from indoor tables as they have a mixture of wood and metal and protective coatings. Therefore, they are more expensive.

  • Indoor

When purchasing for an indoor venue, it should be known if the site will be multipurpose or reserved for the game. If it is multipurpose you will be required to move it multiple times, whether it be for home or at a public location, a folding table would be preferable.

There are two types of folding tables combine folding and separate folding. Combine folding tables require less assembly time but are more expensive. So, in the end, it comes back to your needs and your budget.

Assembling the table

The tables are hefty equipment and cannot be constructed without the help of assistance. The table assembly guide should help you with how to join the table yourself.

Depending upon the type of table you have bought, the weight can range from approximately 70-350 pounds. Some tables can be hefty and thus require help in assembling. It is better to have an extra pair of hands to avoid any damages.

Mostly the tables assembling mechanism is simple enough that you can do it yourself in approximately 15-45 minutes depending on the table you bought. But there is always the option of calling for professional assemblers that provide services, charging about $50-$150.

There are a few key points that you have to note before you start assembling your equipment. They are:

  • Check the packaging upon delivery to check for damages
  • Check the accessories and other part sands see you’re not missing an item.
  • Check the wrapping on the tabletop.
  • Make sure you move the table from one place to another in parts.
  • While moving, make sure to avoid sharp objects.

You should also have the necessary tools that are needed while assembling the table. Essential tools that are required are:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Spanner
  • Hand level
  • Measuring tape

Different Brands

  • Cornilleau

This brand provides high-quality products and is one of the best brands to buy from. They provide a product with high-quality materials that re corrosion resistant.

They are easy to move and store. The modern tables have adjustable legs feature that makes it accessible for a larger group of people. They also come with protective padding for corners to make sure no one gets hurt.

But with all the advantages, it has some disadvantages too. It is extremely expensive; thus, only people with huge budgets can afford it, and the delivery of the product takes a long time.

  • Killerspin

It makes many high quality and affordable elegant tables. They are multipurpose tables that can be used at public venues too. The tables have four moveable feet with locking wheel casters and can be folded easily into flat making it easy to move and store. The assembly of the product is relatively easy and can be achieved in 30 minutes.

  • Butterfly

The products are high quality and have a quick set up the feature, and the assembly can be achieved in 15 minutes. The surface is excellent due to the high-density wood. They make the best outdoor tables.


It is a much reliable and trusted brand that makes the world’s most competitive tables, so quality and performance are assured. They have made the best indoor ping pong tables. STIGA advantage the most sought-after table this year is exceptionally efficient rivaling the tournament tables.

The table is exceptionally safe; it is 95% preassembled, has professional net quality and has an ultra-compact storage position. The brand gives you all at a reasonable price.
But the only drawback to this product is that it’s for indoor purposes only. It cannot withstand the weather changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Does ping pong and table tennis have the same origin?

Yes, initially ping pong and table tennis were adapted from the sport, lawn tennis. Both had humble begging as parlor games in the 1800s than with time and different rules. The two became different sports.

Q2 What is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?

Table tennis and ping pong table have different rules and points system in the game. Various equipment is used in the games, table tennis has many types of bats, which can be customized according to the player while ping pong uses only one kind of bat: sandpaper bats.
Due to the different equipment the game space differs, table tennis is more fast-paced then ping pong. Sandpaper bats provide with medium spin and slower speed.

Q3 Is table tennis equipment expensive?

The ping pong table price is relatively lower than the table tennis equipment.

Q4 Which are the reliable ping pong table brands?

Some of the most reliable brands providing good quality ping pong tables are Killerspin, Butterfly, JOOLA, Cornilleau, and STIGA.

Q5 How to maintain a ping pong table?

The most important thing to remember while handling a ping pong table is the surface. It needs to be kept clean from dust and harsh chemicals as they might damage its surface. A solution of vinegar and water should be used while cleaning the surface.
A soft cloth and gentle movement should be used to avoid any damages. It is best to remove the nets before cleaning. The protective covering is an excellent investment to keep the surface free from dust.

Q6 Is permanent table better than a folding table?

It is better to invest in a folding table, until and unless you are training professionally. It can be easily set up and stored away if need be. Even if you have a space to put the table permanently its strongly suggested that you think carefully before investing in the huge purchase.

Q7 What are the key factors to note while buying?

The key factors to note are:

  • The quality of the tabletop
  • The quality of its supporting legs
  • The thickness of the table (if you want to practice for professional tournaments or just for leisure)
  • The playing surface, its smoothness, and paintwork
  • The net fittings
  • The finishing (flat surface area equals better game)

What to look for when buying Ping Pong Table

Here are the most important factors to take care of when you go about buying a ping pong table:

Make sure whether you need the table for outdoor purposes or indoor. Also, you should be clear about whether the table will sit in the recreational room at your home or office or it will be used for tournaments.
Decide whether you want a ready to play table or a table that still needs a little assembling to be done.
Also, figure out while you like a table that can be used for solo play or one that is like Butterfly one and can only be used by two or more players.Then there are other considerations like net quality, clamp style, material used on top and you can only figure out all those with proper research.

Whatever decision you will take after reading this guide, I bet it will help you pick the best ping pong table.

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