Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner To Intermediate

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner To Intermediate

Sports are very healthy activity for human beings and there is no age restriction to play any sport. There are many types of sports are played every day all over the world but some are highly popular worldwide.

Tennis is one of the most popular sport in the world specially in 20th century and day by day its getting more reachable to every one. In The current scenario few tennis stars name should be discussed here from all over the world: Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic are the highest-paid female and male tennis players of all time.

If you want to become a good or professional player you need good playing tools or sports products. As we are talking about tennis then you must have a good tennis Racquet.

Are you finding a best tennis Racquet for beginner to Intermediate level?

If yes then you are on right place because this guide will tell you how to chose Racquets for beginners to intermediate.

Characteristics of quality Racquet

A Racquet frame should be with these qualities.

  • A heavier frame = more power.
  • A heavier frame = less vibration.
  • A heavier frame = larger sweetspot.
  • A stiffer frame = more power.
  • A stiffer frame = larger sweetspot.
  • A stiffer frame transmits more of the shock load to the arm than a more flexible frame.
  • A stiffer frame provides a more uniform ball response across the entire string plane.
  • A larger frame = more power.
  • A larger frame = resistant to twisting.
  • A larger frame = larger sweetspot.
  • A longer frame = more velocity and therefore more power.
  • A longer frame = more spin due to increased velocity

1. YONEX EZONE 100 Limited Edition Gold

YONEX EZONE 100 Limited Edition Gold

Favored by many professionals like Martina Hingis and Nick Kyrios, the YONEX EZONE 100 Limited Edition Gold is a fantastic racket that offers all the features you need for a more advanced product.

The isometric string pattern that Yonex has built into this device makes for a larger, more sympathetic sweet spot. It also gives the racket a responsive, lively feel that helps you to better control your punches. The frame is also top-notch because it is stiff enough to provide punch and power while being flexible enough to cushion the impact of hitting the ball.

The head size is 100 inches, which is large enough to allow a proper connection with the ball while still retaining the ability to give you extra control. The open string pattern provides unreal spin and allows you to easily put that in your punches. At 10.6 ounces, it feels solid, but still light enough to swing easily and have amazing playability.

This is a great from the guys at Yonex you’ll love once you pick it up. It offers a fantastic blend of comfort, power and feel that all advanced players will love.

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2. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Racquets

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Racquets

The Babolat Pure Aero is one of the best intermediate clubs and especially suitable for those who want to dominate from the baseline. Babolat is one of the top tennis racket manufacturers and is one of their bestsellers for a reason.

The Pure Aero offers a lot of speed and spin with excellent stability. The weight is 10.6 ounces, which divides the heavy and light clubs in the middle. This means that the racket gives a solid feel in use and is capable of taking powerful blows from the opponent.

A great feature of this product is the amount of spin you can get with it. The responsive 16×19 string pattern means you can add plenty of spin when you hit the ball, and it’s also great for cutting the ball. Babolat’s Cortex system integrated into this product also absorbs most of the vibration when it hits the ball and prevents injury.

The Pure Aero is a very popular racquet and is used by many advanced players in the game. It’s so easy to use, it’s handy for you.

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3. Wilson Clash 100L Tennis Racquet

Wilson Clash 100L Tennis Racquet

Wilson, one of the biggest names on the market, always manufactures devices that deliver. If you have used a beginner level Wilson, why not maintain some continuity as you move on to your next club?

This racquet has something for every player. It has the power to be good for Baselers, but provides an extra feel for those who like to be on the net. This great feeling is great because it gives you the sensitivity and control to improve your game.

With 11.1 ounces, this racket is strong enough to absorb the power of other players, while providing you with enough clout for your own game to compete in. The head size is still big enough to provide a big sweet spot that will continue to help in the right connection with the ball. A 16×20 string pattern and just the right amount of stiffness in the frame ensure excellent response and perfect spin.

This is a great racket any player can tune in, and really makes the note a racket that you’ll love to play with.

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4. Head MicroGel Radical MP (98) (4 3/8)

Head MicroGel Radical MP

This is powerful but light weight racquet. The technique behind the racket ensures that you get more power with less effort. It is very comfortable and also appeals. Basically, the racket is light, easy to handle and offers a lot of power. Especially the grip of this racket is pretty soft. For all these reasons, this tennis racket is tailored to the needs of beginners.

It’s easily one of the most agile racquets you could ever get your hands on. The frame also takes the pictures very well. Head MicroGel technology distributes the impact load well, which puts less pressure on your arms.

Some players may not like the usual stock strings. Maybe you have to limit the bat to the strings of your choice.

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5. Prince Textreme Warrior 107 Racquets

Prince Textreme Warrior 107 Racquets

The Prince Textreme Warrior 107 tennis racket uses the latest carbon fiber technology to create an amazingly stable and lightweight frame. They are also sensitive to those who want to investigate their game. Better still, this racket is incredibly enjoyable to play.

From the first shot you will be able to experience more power and drive, which helps you adapt to the game at an early stage. Definitely one of the best tennis rackets for beginners. It’s also a great gift for your wife.

It’s the lightest in the Warrior 107 family, but with all the features, usability and playability you’d expect from a high-end Warrior racquet. It comes in with a 107 square inch head. It’s a very playable racquet with a big sweet spot. It is available in four different grip sizes to meet the needs of most players.

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