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The best ping pong paddle

Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

Are you looking for best ping pong paddles for beginners to enhance your table tennis game or maybe show your love for someone to give ping pong paddle as a gift? As you know every product has, it’s own pros and cons, and In that case, you need to know about some features of ping pong paddle before buying this.

Are you worried? I’m there to assist you, Yes! I’ll tell you all about ping pong paddle. At the end of this review guide, you will be an expert to buy the best paddle for you and your gaming interest, where to buy it, and what to expect from it.

Way to Choose the Best Ping Pong Paddle

Many companies manufacture ping pong paddles around the market however the most important thing is knowing what’s is the best for your table tennis game. Together with paddles, you have first to know your playing style and expertise, then you’re able to understand. Every ping-pong paddle has it’s own material and style, but you need to focus some aspects before buying ping pong paddle. If you are willing to become a table tennis player, then It is essential for you to identify perfect ping pong paddle.

Here are some Aspects You Need to Follow.

Your Style to Play Table Tennis:

Before selecting any ping pong paddle, you need to identify, which type of player you are. Which paddle is perfect for your playing style? If you’re a beginner player, you’re likely to want to have a paddle which is much more middle of the street and not created for any particular celebrity as you’re probably still growing as a participant. Also, many high-end paddles provide more energy than inexperienced players can deal with.

Take Suggestions from others:

Take suggestions from numerous skilled players, if you play table tennis at the club, to examine out other players’ paddles as there are several aspects of the paddle that are extra for looks and also convenience than real performance. Likewise, various other players’ guidance and also experience can be helpful in identifying what will undoubtedly work well for you.

How Reviews Work

Performance is determined, depending upon the manufacturer, on a 3 component scale with either a 10-point or 100-point scale score the power, control and spin of a paddle. There is some minor difference between makers in what a buyer rating might mean, yet you can recognize what to expect when you see an eight ranking on power regardless of that made it.

Power of Paddle

The padding made use of in between the rubber surface areas of the paddle and the blade. All blades are laminated timber (kind of wood) glued with each other, in some cases with a slim layer of fiberglass or carbon fibre sandwiched between the layers to supply lighter weight and much less absorption of energy.

The power score is more a procedure of just how much power it absorbs when returning a shot. The higher the number, the much less power it absorbs, giving a much more powerful return. A downside to a higher power ranking is that it can come with the price of control of shots and also for that reason much less favored by players with a much more protective design. Meanwhile, lots of offensive players seek paddles rated in the nines.

Control Feature of Ping Pong Paddle

Following is control, which shows just how right the paddle strikes the sphere, along with the length of time the paddle holds the ball when hitting it. Protective players like high control paddles, although developments in the building have brought about an increase in the control scores of all paddles.

Spinning Nature of Paddle

Finally is spin. Spin again has to do with the high quality as well as the installment of the rubber, however additionally can be enhanced via a lighter blade. Several players, whether even more infraction or protection oriented in their designs, will search for paddles that offer spin as it can make returning their shots harder.

Greater spin paddles will typically have the pips of their rubber facing the blade, enabling the round to be struck with a smooth surface area. Also, they will be lighter weight, allowing you to have great extra manipulation of the paddle. Even after that, a lot of paddles with a greater control score typically bring a similar rating in spin.

With making use of these standards, you can find the very best one for you as well as comprehend the standards we used in determining our leading general choices.

Many companies are developing and manufacturing many ping pong paddle, but I’ll mention some ping pong paddles which are highly demanding and recommended.

1. Stiga Pro Carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon

Stiga’s option for the intermediate-level player is our following paddle. The Stiga Pro Carbon (evaluation) starts to enter into a few of the lot more advanced building that you see in higher-end paddles, yet being valued around the upper middle range, is still reason enough for a player that is obtaining much more major regarding their play.

The Stiga Pro Carbon uses a 7-ply blade, with 2 of those plies being carbon fibre. This makes the paddle a stiffer when returning shots as well as reduces the weight. In spite of this, the Pro Carbon provides top degree spin, amassing a rating of 10, which is impressive for a paddle that plays as light as this one. Too this blade provides a 9.9 in rate, making this noise a fantastic selection for those wanting a much more offensively-aligned game.

The impressive point with the Pro Carbon paddle is that it offers expert quality play at nearly a quarter of the cost of a professional-caliber paddle. Unfortunately, much of that high quality tends to break down as the rubber breaks down, yet the majority of customers reported that the rate stayed and also may call for changing the rubber after some months of play. Still, at this price, the Stiga Pro Carbon produces a beautiful intermediate paddle.

Here are some pros and cons of Stiga pro carbon ping pong paddle.

  • ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Key Elements of Carbon Technology for Power and Speed
  • Performance Values- Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 80
  • Ultra lightweight Balsa wood center-plyt
  • Slightly heavier than another paddle’s its size
  • Control can be somewhat loose for fresh out of the fresh new players

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Specs of Stiga Pro Carbon

    • 2 x 6.2 x 21.5 inches
    • 8 ounces (shipping weight)

2. Stiga Titan


The very first paddle we will consider is the very best worth of the eight we will place. The STIGA Titan offers gamers great control at a somewhat wallet-friendly rate, making it fantastic for the more recent player. This is a great paddle for players just going into close play, especially if those players are focusing on protective play.

The performance of this paddle can mainly be credited to the blade. The blade of the Titan has a 5-ply all wooden manage that is specifically dealt with to give it more power than other paddles at its rate point. Stiga likewise utilizes Victory rubber on the Titan, which is not of the very same high quality as its more pricey paddles. Also, some users reported resilience issues as it was clear that high manufacturing quality was not as high as a lot of various other Stiga items.

The Stiga Titan is an excellent paddle made by a company with a long-established reputation as one of the international leaders in ping pong equipment. While this paddle does not have the same level of products as their first-rate paddles, the Titan has much of the same modern technology as the high-end Stiga paddles.

Here are some pros and cons of Stiga titan ping pong paddle.

  • Performance-Stage
  • ITTF Approved Inverted Tournament Rubber
  • The Crystal Technology Hardens Blade
  • Designed for responsive speed and spin
  • Most likely not reasonable for strategic play
  • Sponge has a low bounce back time


Specs of Stiga Titan

  • 12 x 7 x 3 inches
  • 2 pounds
  • 5-ply Extra Light Blade, 2mm Sponge

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3.Stiga Supreme

3 Stiga Supreme

Another intermediate-level paddle, the Stiga Supreme provides a wonderful lightweight paddle for players wanting to tip up their games without spending lavishly on a much higher-priced model. It is wonderful for responsive players looking to focus on defensive play, especially if they are encountering players who favour having fun with power.

Where the Supreme sticks out is in its sixth play in its blade. While a lot of versions at this cost point are still five-ply construction, Stiga includes their Tube Modern technology to a center layer, minimizing the weight of the paddle dramatically and permitting faster play.

If there are downsides to the Supreme, they concern its battles to produce a great deal of power. This limits how much back gamers can play from the table, which if not for the light-weight enabling quicker reaction, would make it harmful to more protective gamers. Still, its combination of lighter weight makes it a terrific paddle for players concentrating on returns and also defence over the violation.

Here are some pros and cons of Stiga supreme ping pong paddle.

  • Key elements of STIGA ACS for Control and Speed
  • Performance Values- Speed: 90 Spin: 92 Control: 89
  • ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Performance-Level
  • Not designed for offensive minded of players
  • Not for “genuine” halfway or master players

Specs of Stiga Supreme

    • 10 x 6 x 0.2 inches
    • 8 ounces (shipping weight)
    • 6-Ply Extra Light Blade, Future Inverted Rubber, and 2mm Sponge

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4. Killerspin JET800

Killerspin JET800

While valued among greater end paddles, the JET800 offers top-line offensive and tournament-level efficiency. It is the selection of many top professional players.

The Jet 800 has a 7-ply wooden blade with carbon fibre layers added for added resilience and return energy, giving it a 9.5 score in that classification. Too, its light weight makes allows players not to give up their capability to return while its top notch, dealt explicitly with rubber provides this paddle with a healthy spin ranking for an offensively-aligned lined up paddle.

If there is a disadvantage to it is beyond its price, it would undoubtedly be that it is fairly a step up from the majority of paddles. Several individuals reported a sharp curve in obtaining made use of to this paddle. Nonetheless, while the JET800 is one of the most expensive designs in this review, you obtain what you want for as this paddle is both durable and virtually unmatched in its efficiency.

Whether you wish to dominate just your cellar or intend to be the king of your ping pong club, with a little understanding, you can establish the most effective ping pong paddle for your game as well as your spending plan.

Here are some pros and cons of Killerspin jet800 ping pong paddle.

  • Pro Grade Equipment
  • Superior Construction
  • Customized memory book
  • Increased accuracy
  • Does not have some control, takes some becoming adapted to
  • Versatile glue won’t prop up for long

An intermediate paddle which borders practically on an advanced level paddle, the Killerspin Jet 600 packs a whole lot into a paddle that hardly reaches a higher end cost. This is a tournament-level paddle at a price obtainable to a gamer who is still refining their game.

The 5-layer construction of the Jet 600 gives it solid power while keeping its weight light for terrific control. However where it stands apart in its rubber. The high tackiness and top quality of the rubber provide it the ability to counter spin and return with its very own spin.

The issue that numerous purchasers of this paddle reported that its power and also rate take some getting adjustment. Also, the take care of construction tends to make even small modifications in your grip a lot more remarkable in how it feels and also responds. Even then, the Jet 600 is an extraordinary product for its price and also a fantastic choice for those seeking their fantastic costs paddle.

Here are some pros and cons of Killerspin jet600 ping pong paddle.

  • ITTF approved, 2.0mm high-tension Nitrx-4Z rubber, JET600 SPIN N1
  • Competition-level paddle for intermediate or advanced players
  • Ratings out of 10: Speed 8.0, Spin 9.0, Control 8.5
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
  • Cost is somewhat higher than a few competitors
  • Heavier structure may not speak to players who depend on artfulness

Specs of Killerspin JET600

  • 12 x 7 x 1 inches
  • 8 ounces
  • 5-ply wood blade, 6.0mm lightweight thickness
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6. DHS Hurricane II

6 DHS Hurricane II

Our next choice is extra pricey than these entry-level paddles, however, is a wonderful selection for those that utilize a , or Asian, style of the grasp on their paddles. The DHS Storm II is a professional-calibre version that makes its greater rate point of a little bit a lot more tasty for its target market.

With DHS being a Chinese company, their paddles are most likely to be geared a lot more towards an Oriental design of the play. The sweet area on this paddle is better to the front of it, and the rubber is provided with a slickness that enables better spin. As well, the weight of it provides gamers with a sensation of control over the paddle that several paddles do not have.

If there are downsides to this paddle, one is that the rubber often tends to shed its tackiness swiftly as well as several individuals prefer lighter paddles. Still, particularly for gamers that want a lot of spin in their game, the DHS Cyclone II is a wonderful option.

Here are some pros and cons of DHS Hurricane II ping pong paddle.

  • Fitted Play: All-Round
  • With a Landson wrist support
  • It very well may be slightly expensive for a few people who are searching for a reasonable ping pong racket
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7. Killerspin JET200

7 Killerspin JET200

Another great entry-level paddle is the Killerspin JET200. Priced near the Stiga Titan and Butterfly 401, this is another good option for the gamer simply beginning to get even more significant about their play. While it lacks the power of the Stiga Titan, its control is somewhat better.

Killerspin is a relative novice to Ping pong devices; however, they have already earned credibility of generating premium quality as well as aggressively styled tools at an excellent price. While the timber in their 5-ply blade is not dealt with similarly as the Stiga Titan, the blade does stand up well to play a couple of individuals reported any concerns with damage.

One area where the Jet200 sticks out remains in the high quality of its rubber. Their rubber tends to be fresher than that of its rivals, offering it more control without endangering much spin compared to other products at their degree. While its rate score of 6 is a bit low for a specialist quality paddle, for players concentrated on control and also enhancing their games, it is a terrific choice.

Here are some pros and cons of Killerspin jet200 ping pong paddle.

  • Superior Construction
  • Designed for learning basic strokes and perfecting ball control
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • Personalized Memory Book storage case
  • It is low when all is said in general speed and power
  • Versatile levels reasonably quickly

8. Butterfly 401

8 Butterfly 401

The Butterfly 401 is one more entry-level paddle that is a great initial step up for players early in their advancement. Priced on the lower end of mid-range and ranked 8 in both speed and also spin and 8.5 in control, the 401 is a great option for players wanting to develop a well-balanced game while keeping their monetary financial investment reasonably low.

It attracts attention in the length of time it lasts. Many users reported that the rubber kept its tackiness for much longer than typical paddles at its price point as well as the blade is built all right to stand up to the whipping that tools in offices and rec areas usually encounters.

Where this paddle turns up doing not have remained in its play equilibrium. A lot of entry-level paddles use far more control than the Butterfly 401. Too, the deal with is smaller than standard, making it a difficult paddle for gamers with larger hands to use.

Here are some pros and cons of butterfly 401 ping pong paddle.

  • ITTF approved; great rubber and sponge
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Tournament approved
  • Built With Special Butterfly Yuki Table Tennis Rubber
  • It may difficult for you to control Pro Carbon, particularly for amateurs

Specs of Butterfly 401

  • 7 x 12 x 1.8 inches
  • 2 ounces
  • Yuki 2.1mm rubber
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Here are some Faqs regarding Ping Pong Paddle

The majority of budget plan ping pong paddles are rather basic, with a couple of variants or opportunities for the field of expertise. Nevertheless, as your skill degree expands, you’ll probably start searching for something that suits your individual having fun design as well as hand dimension. If you turn specialist, then you’ll want to invest big bucks on a completely tailored ping pong noise, yet the choices that we have covered give a great equilibrium between cost and private performance for intermediate players.

What Are Designs Of Ping Pong Paddle Gameplay There?

Playing design and also grip are two elements which, with each other, comprise the style of gameplay.

As we’ve currently discussed, playing style refers to whether a table tennis player prefers to attack or defend. Offending players like to play hard, putting in power, rate and also topspin to make their shots hard to return. Defensive players, on the other hand, like to use a lot of control to play chop shots.

The hold describes the method which you hold the paddle. Penhold, as well as shake and, are the two most common gripping techniques, although  is without a doubt the most common of both. This is because penhold (where you hold the handle between the thumb as well as index finger with the paddle pointing downwards) is very challenging to play a backhand. This weak point is eliminated with the  technique, where you use the same hand position as when trembling hands with another person.

As you move the ping pong circuit, you will find both gripping methods, but  tends to be a lot more prominent in western nations while penhold is typically the design of choice in Asia.

What Type Of Ping Pong Blade Should You Select?

As we’ve already seen, paddles can be any form or size, but most blades are around 6 inches in diameter with a four inch long handle.

The most effective ping pong paddle for spin must have inverted dimples in the rubber to develop a smooth surface area against which the sphere can bounce. In addition to this, offending players must search for a difficult paddle to provide a lot of power.

Blades which are covered with textured or ugly rubber (or rubber which has dimples pointing outwards) are best for defensive players who want great deals of control. The additional structure grips the ball for a little longer than a smooth surface, enabling you to put your next shot thoroughly.

What Kind Of Ping Pong Paddle Manage Should You Select?

Flared deals with are the most usual amongst specialist ping pong players due to the reality that they’re so comfortable to hold. While straight manages are additionally prominent, they coincide width the entire means down their length, making them prone to slippage. Featuring an ergonomic curve, anatomic takes care of are additionally comfy; however, they aren’t as preferred as they offer much less versatility.

Your selection of deal with ought to be based on your personal preference, depending on your playing design and the take care of style that you find most comfortable to hold.

How To Select Your Ping Pong Paddle Rubber

Most ping-pong rubber is covered with little dimples, yet the first variation between paddles is whether the dimples are pointing inwards or outwards.

Pimple rubber has the dimples aiming outwards. This structure offers the rubber an enhanced area and better rubbing against the ping pong ball, implying that there are boosted hold when compared to other sorts of rubber. This is the rubber of option if you’re trying to find serious control.

Rubber which has the dimples pointing in is often called reverse rubber. This is the most popular kind of rubber as it offers a fairly smooth surface area to attempt great deals of different shots as well as techniques.

No matter which kind of rubber you select, you must constantly make sure that it’s ITTF authorized for use in competitions and also events.

What To Look out for When Buying A Ping Pong Paddle

When you’re contrasting the very best table tennis noises, you need to pay attention to all the functions we have covered until now. Nonetheless, across the board, the most vital aspect of the best table tennis racket is top quality. Good quality equipment results in quick renovation and excellent results, so avoid top economic quality regarding feasible as it will require replacing prematurely. The right design will not cut into your hands or cause injuries, so choose intelligently!

In addition to concentrating on quality, keep an eye out for reliable vendors. If they have an excellent turn over as well as favourable comments, they should be doing something right. If something seems as well low-cost to be true, it most likely is, so avoids backstreet vendors. Ask your table tennis good friends where to buy ping pong paddles in your area.

Search for:

•Top quality, high quality, high quality
•A comfy grasp
•A credible vendor
•Customized Ping Pong Paddles

Specialist table tennis players use custom-made made paddles, but these are a whole lot more costly than any of our ideas. It takes a whole lot even more time to study and make the different features of a personalized ping pong paddle, so they’re not wonderful if you need a quick, instant remedy. Below, we have picked the most effective ping pong paddles for the cash; however, we’ll be taking a look at custom ping pong paddles in a separate article.

Ping Pong Vs Table Tennis

There is no distinction in between ping pong and table tennis– technically, the terms can be made use of mutually. Nevertheless, in common usage, there is a preconception that table tennis is more of a specialist, affordable sport, while ping-pong is even more of a pastime or a game. The ITTF makes use of the term ‘table tennis’ when reviewing the sport in the main ability.

How To Hold A Ping Pong Paddle

Penhold, as well as shake and, are both most usual means to hold a ping pong paddle.

The pinhole hold entails holding the take care of in between the thumb and also forefinger with the blade facing downwards. The appeal of this strategy is lowering as a result of its weak point with backhand shots, where the wrist has to twist into an unpleasant setting.

The grasp is the most usual method to hold a table tennis racket- the hand is positioned as if shaking the hand of another individual. This method uses convenience as well as control for all shots, whether forehand or backhand.

What Is The Difference In Between The Red As Well As Black Side On Ping Pong Paddles?

Several professional ping pong players do use various types of rubber on their table tennis rackets, with one side being for offending play and also the other side being better matched to protective shots. Nonetheless, the specific rubber depends on each gamer’s individual choice.

The colour itself does not have any significance. The distinction is merely for visual functions, to make sure that an opponent can anticipate which type of shot is being played depending upon which side of the paddle is being used. If the noise coincided colour on both sides, it would certainly be easy for a player to turn the paddle without their challenger discovering.

Final Words

•There is fairly a distinction in regards to quality, performance and also price in between entry-level ping pong paddles for beginners and also the high-quality tools that are used by professional sportspeople.
•Consequently, it is very important to put time and effort right into investigating all the alternatives to pick the best ping pong paddle for you.
•The top quality of a ping-pong paddle truly will make a huge distinction to your gameplay, so with this overview and a little research, you can locate the best ping pong paddles for the money and also for your demands.
•When entry-level and also expert ping pong paddles rest at such comparable cost factors, it makes sense to choose the better choice at a reasonable price.
Recommendation: If you want to know what the best ping pong paddle on the market is, and what I recommend, it is the STIGA PRO CARBON.