Top Rated Mountain Bikes Under 500

Top Rated Mountain Bikes Under 500

Are you looking for a mountain bike? I mean who does not. People love mountain bikes for more than one good reason:

They’re good for off-road biking
They’re good for biking on road – since they’ve really good grip
They can be used for daily commute, sports and for the good and sacred cause of losing weight.


A really good and high quality mountain bike can be too expensive at times. This is why I’ve compiled a list of 4 top rated mountain bikes under 500 – yes, $500.

With no further ado, here’s the review:

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tyre Mountain Bike – Bestseller

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tyre Mountain Bike

How’d you like a mountain bike that is bestseller on Amazon, has got a 4/5-star rating and an Amazon’s Choice tag?

I know you’d love it – just like 480+ customers loved it. The price is so far way lesser than $500, so you better grab it before it is too late.

  • Fat Tyre – The most noticeable feature of this mountain bike is its fat tyre. Both: the rear and the front tyres are up to 4 inch thick. This is a really thick tyre for a mountain bike and it is because of this feature why this bike enjoys amazing grip on road and off-road.
  • 7 Speeds Shimano Rear Derailleur – This is not a simple single-speed mountain bike – it comes with a 7 speeds Shimano rear derailleur. This means that you’d feel easy to climb hills or steep roads.
  • Adjustable Headset – The headset of this bike is threadless and it can be adjusted easily as per the height of a user. The minimum height of a user can be from 5.6” to 6’ tall.
  • 17 Inches High Tensile Steel Frame – It is not your casual mountain bike – it is made for the toughest off-road experience. Take the bike’s frame for example; it is a 17” tensile steel frame: known for amazing strength.
  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes – The front and rear brakes of this bike are not usual brakes that you see. The most of these bikes come with drum or rim brakes; but this one has high quality disc brakes in front as well as rear.
  • Fat Tyre
  • 7 Speeds Rear Derailleur
  • Adjustable Headset
  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes
  • Cheap Plastic Parts
  • Gear Shifting Could Be Improved

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2. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike – Best Overall

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

In case suspension and smooth gear shifting is something that interests you most in a mountain bike, this one is absolutely for you.

It has a dual suspension system – one of them the front suspension fork and the other one is a rear suspension that is attached to the rear rim via aluminum frame.

Here are the features:

  • Dual Suspension System – As it has been explained, there are two suspension systems in this bicycle – the front one is a suspension form that protects you arms and upper body from shocks and the rear one is for your lower body.
  • 24-Speed Shimano EZ-Fire Shifters and Derailleur – Unlike Mongoose’s 7-gear shifter, this one comes with a 24 speed gears and derailleur from Shimano. This means that it provides 3x control and maneuverability on tough, rugged and steep terrain.
  • Front Disc Brake – It has a combo of front disc brake and rear linear pull V brake – which basically a perfect combo for all-condition stopping. The front can be used in case of an immediate threat, while rear can be used as default braking system.
  • Alloy Crank for Optimal Gearing – The big triangular alloy crank can be used for all kind of optimal gearing and saddle bags made for alloy crank. Considering the shape of that frame, you can customize the way you organize your gear.
  • Dual Suspension System
  • 24-Speed Shimano EZ-Fire Shifters & Derailleur
  • Front Disc Brake
  • Alloy Crank for Optimal Gearing
  • Alloy Crank for Optimal Gearing
  • Rear Shock Could Be a Lighter One

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3. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike – Best Dual Suspension

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

If you want a dual suspension mountain bike; I’d recommend Kent KZ2600 more than the previously reviewed Schwinn mountain bike.

What’s the reason? Well, mainly it is because of the placement of rear shock and secondly because of how lightweight and yet effective that rear shock is.

  • 26” Full Aluminum Frame – This is a big full aluminum frame – size is 26” and you can use this for optimal gear management and whatever kind of bicycle saddle bags and organizers that you use.
  • Best Dual Suspension System – Why I consider this bicycle’s suspension system the best one among all others mentioned in this small review? It is because of how they have positioned the rear spring – not only it helps with climbing the hills, but it reduces the impact to rider’s lower body. Also, the shock absorbing spring is not as big and heavy as in case of Mongoose mountain bike.
  • Shimano 21 Shifters with Derailleur – This bike comes with a 21 gears system from Shimano – a reputable company that deals in gears and derailleurs.
  • Combo of Disc & V Brakes – This bike, just like the abovementioned one, has a combo of front disc and rear V/linear pull brake.
  • 26” Aluminum Frame
  • Best Dual Suspension System
  • Best Dual Suspension System
  • Disc and V Brakes
  • Front Shock Could Be Better
  • Nylon Tyres

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4. Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Suspension Bike – Best Brakes

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Suspension Bike

If you love going off-road very often and you need a bike with real good brakes because of the steep roads that you bike on, then you’d love to buy this mountain bike because it has got really good disc brakes.

  • Tektro Novela Disc Brakes – Both: the front brake and the rear one, are Tektro Novela disc brakes. These mechanical disc brakes are considered best for all-conditions braking.
  • 24Speed Gear by Shimano – This mountain bike is also the best speed gear bike with 24 different gears for easy climbing and descending. The derailleur and gears are by Shimano.
  • Double Suspension – There are two suspension systems in this bike. On front you have traditional front forks and on rear you have a lightweight, but effective spring.
  • Strong & Lightweight Double Wall Rims – You would not have complaints about the rims of this bicycle. They are strong and lightweight double wall rims and there is nothing that can go wrong with them.
  • Disc Brakes
  • 24-Speed Gear and Derailleur System
  • Dual Suspension
  • Double Wall Rims
  • Could Be More Trail Hardened
  • Uncomfortable Seat

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These are 4 top rated mountain bikes under 500 – to the best of my knowledge and search, however you can go wild with your Amazon search or just pick between any 4 of these bikes.

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